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Atom's policy is to produce world class innovative, affordable, and quality products, that will serve their owners many years of productive and enjoyable use; and to continually develop Atom products.

Atom invests heavily in Research and Development and maintaining its full time in-house R & D department. Atom's technical team utilises the most up to date computer design programs.

All Atom products are rigorously and punishingly tested, both in the factory and in field conditions before they are put onto the market, thus ensuring long life and withstanding tough conditions.

The tough reinforced polymer components used in Atom products are so strong, they have been stress tested to withstand up to 680kg (1500lbs) of weight. This ensures that Atom products will still be working in years to come when other brands have already worn out.

Atom 310 Electric Edger

310 Electric Edger $299.00
Atom 458 Deluxe Domestic 2-Stroke Edger

458 Deluxe Domestic 2-Stroke Edger $499.00
Atom 481 Deluxe Domestic 4-stroke Edger

481 Deluxe Domestic 4-stroke Edger $639.00
Atom 561 Professional 4-stroke Edger

561 Professional 4-stroke Edger $759.00
Atom 585 Super Pro 2-stroke Edger

585 Super Pro 2-stroke Edger $825.00
Atom Domestic 2-Stroke Tiller 4-tine

Domestic 2-Stroke Tiller 4-tine $539.00
Atom Domestic 2-Stroke Tiller 6-tine

Domestic 2-Stroke Tiller 6-tine $589.00
Atom Domestic 4-Stroke Tiller 4-tine

Domestic 4-Stroke Tiller 4-tine $789.00
Atom Domestic 4-Stroke Tiller 6-tine

Domestic 4-Stroke Tiller 6-tine $839.00
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